Gwangjang Market Street Food

A wide variety of food is available here at the marketplace. Myeongdong Street Food is most likely one of the most popular tourist spots for first-time visitors in Seoul. Yes, if you're searching for Korean street food but you need to try out a dish with soup, this is your very best bet. If you've never experienced Korean street food before, this is an excellent place to check it out. When it has to do with the Korean street food available at the current market, after walking around for a small while, you will notice there are a couple different kinds of stalls that sell a similar variety of dishes.
Several of the foods are cooked in extremely heavy oils which do not look like the ideal quality. There is a good deal of Korean food, and you may choose what you would like. It is our beloved Korean food. Another one of the most usual Korean street foods, and something you'll discover in abundance at the marketplace is tteokbokki.
The market manages to continue to keep its original charm despite increasingly more becoming a tourist attraction for worldwide travellers and celebrity chefs like Gordon Ramsey. Therefore, if you're coming to Namdaemun Market () I think something which you should understand is it is a bit more touristy than a few of the other Korean more local Korean markets. Gwangjang market is the best option if you would like to experience Korean culture and food. The Gwangjang Market (sometimes called Kwangjang') in the core of Seoul provides just that and a whole lot more!